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Feb 06, 2018
Fertilizer Smog
This study is not meant for the general public’s joy of reading.

Feb 02, 2018
Prop 1 Storage
He intended all the money to be available as weed pulling jobs (grants) and green pork for his enviro friends.

Feb 01, 2018
This is a hit piece put out by the very people who help the SWRCB control Agriculture.

Jan 31, 2018
I think the real problem is a effed up infrastructure due to incompetent state leaders.

Jan 29, 2018
Temp Flat Zero
It is clear that the cost of TFD could never be paid for by Ag.

Jan 28, 2018
L.A. Water
Does that begin with Hetch Hetchy?

Jan 27, 2018
Price of Oroville
Democrats gave us the Orville Dam failure, the 12 cent increase in gasoline tax...

Jan 26, 2018
Trump Dividing
Jerry had already divided California over the water going south issuse long before Trump come along.

Jan 23, 2018
'Cheap Water'
I don't tell you this looking for sympathy, but to educate you when you suggest that farmers get "subsidized water" to "overproduce food"

Jan 21, 2018
The DWR, really is and has for the last 7 years been a fully owned subsidiary of the Metropolitin Water District.

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