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Calif not Europe

Mar 23, 2018


the people who want the high speed trains are the ones who fell for rail travel in Europe. Well here's a reality check: California ain't Europe, where major cities are just an hour or two from one another, all the way from Lisbon to Milan and beyond. And those cities have well developed public transit systems.

California is one megalopolis in the South, and one much smaller urban center in the North, The rest of California is desert, mountains and forests, all relatively uninhabited.

They already have a good transportation system for a setup like that: it's called the airplane.

C. S. P. Schofield  Jack 

Here's another reality check; the High Speed trains in Europe don't deliver of their promised speed. Just like the California fantasy, they depend on rolling on long stretches of established track that isn't up to taking bullet train speeds. So maybe the train could, in some perfect world, reach and sustain the speeds being promised....but it won't in the real world.

Neo Conscious 

The Bullet Train epitomizes the corrupt politics that have taken over California and will eventually destroy it.

The lies behind it's marketing to the electorate are endless, and the biggest one is that connecting SF and LA with high-speed rail is such an important priority. Face it, virtually none of the denizens of those cities will ever ride it because it won't take them anywhere they want to go without having to rent a car once they get there, and by the time they do all that it would be faster and cheaper to drive.

No, the dirty secret is that it is really intended to make those cities accessible for cheap (undocumented) labor from the San Joaquin Valley, because heaven knows rent has gotten so high that lower-tier labor costs for businesses and help for super-rich homeowners is skyrocketing. This scheme raises taxes on all Californians (99\% of whom will also never ride it) in order to subsidize cheap labor for the richest people in the state.

Additionally, railroads are so 19th century. Driverless technology will soon enable "Road Trains", where linked vehicles, whether autos, buses or big trucks will enable energy efficiency and easy on-link/off-link capability for the highly variable destination travel we need in today's world, and on lanes that are built on much cheaper existing right-of-ways. Trains have such stringent requirements as well, for example a maximum of a 2\% grade (compared to 6\% or more for freeways).

The lower carbon footprint is folly as well, and even the operating expenses will never be covered by fares, much less the building costs.