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The Small Farmer

Mar 22, 2018

Time for some honest truth.

And honesty and truth are seldom received well. So be it.

The small farmer and rancher did not give way to large farms and ranches by choice. The little man folded, because the people demanded their demise. The people looked to the politicians and special interest organizations, instead of looking to the fields.

Large farming operations, are not the result of desire. They are the result of public reaction. The large operations are corporations, that can buy off the politicians who make the rules and laws.

Nowhere is this more evident than California. To be productive, you must have one hand in your own pocket, and the other hand in a politicians.

The little man did not sell his land to a corporation, because he wanted to walk away from a ranch that was in his family for generations. He did not walk away. He crawled away after he had been kneecapped by politics.

We live in a society, where "farmers markets" are all the rage. Because the food is supposed to be better. We pay ten times the price for a label, for the same product our neighbors used to grow.

But our neighbor of yesterday, could not pay the price the politicians demanded. So the land was sold, and the well went dry. 

And today, after our neighbors are gone, we choose one devil over the other devil.

I drove the roads of my childhood today. I saw the fields I once plowed for neighbors. I saw the vacant acres that once were vineyards where I worked as a child. Either dusty fields now, or changed into something I did not recognize.

What I did not see, was my neighbors, who once grew the food, and raised the kids, and believed in yesterday's values. Those people are gone.

I do not blame the corporation stake holders......they only seek to earn a profit.

I blame the greed of the people, who will pay for food at a farmers market, after having turned their back on the farmer.

My father will turn 88 years old this year. He would not recognize the land he once knew. He would not understand, how his people turned their back on the truth.

What a waste. What a God Damn waste.

Thank the Lord, I wasn't born no later than I was dad.......

Bob Golden