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Aug 11, 2018
Forest Policy
Environmentalists are the biggest factor in out-of-control fires.

Aug 11, 2018
Prop 3
40 million people are and have been for decades surviving on a water-infrastructure system built for 19 million people.

Aug 10, 2018
The Real Story
Global warming has somehow smartly targeted its destructive forces just here in the "greenest" state in America.

Aug 09, 2018
New Normal
It's not overpopulation. It's not global warming. It's dealing with the reality you are in.

Aug 07, 2018
Trump Tweets
This analysis exposes the inability of the "fake news media" to understand and report the President's comments.

Aug 06, 2018
Better Way
Since the passage in 2003 of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, the effort to restore forests has blossomed in many places. But, not here.

Aug 05, 2018
Ignore the Board
California ignores certain federal laws then why don't we ignore the water board conclusions.

Aug 01, 2018
Smoky Skies
Our Sierra has been wrongfully ravaged, our air quality severely impacted, and damage to watersheds is being realized.

Jul 25, 2018
To the Sea
In about the last 22 months, 67,682,800 acre feet of freshwater flowed into the Delta.

Jul 22, 2018
Stop the Grab
Stop the biggest theft of water in state history!

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